Self Enquiry

Self Enquiry – by Ramana.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi is a spiritual master who lived in South India towards the last part of 18th century and early 19th century, he is caricatured in the novel The Razor’s edge by Somerset Maugham who visited Ramana at his hermitage at the Arunachala hill. Ramana is famous for his method of self enquiry, one of his conversations with a seeker named Sivaprakasam Pillai in regards to the self enquiry is published as a small book called “Who Am I?”. There are many contemporary spiritual teachers like Mooji and Gangaji who belong to Ramana’s lineage and continues the teachings and enquiry method with great effectiveness.

This form of enquiry should be approached as a form of meditation. As in Vipassana, doing this self enquiry, one sees that all sensory experiences, emotions and memory come and go. So does the mind. After negating all of these what remains is the awareness or consciousness. One also sees that this awareness is without any attributes, its neither small or big, hot or cold, heavy or light. As one’s attention falls back inwards into the self, the mind becomes quiet and the fourth shines through.

Who am I and other books by Ramana Maharshi


You can find a written form of the above vedio at this link:


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